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everything is REAL... Sergio Ramos, Mesut Özil & football

Sergio Ramos & Mesut Ozil ” Serzil ” asked by

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I believe that you always have to think ‘carpe diem’ and take advantage of every moment and every opportunity as if it were the last.”

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Sergio Ramos : Nueva entrega de premios de la revista Hala Madrid: 

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13/14 LFP Awards Nominees | October 17, 2014 

Best Forward - Cristiano Ronaldo

Best Midfielder - Luka Modrić

Best Defender - Sergio Ramos

Best Goalkeeper - Keylor Navas (Levante)

The LFP Awards Gala takes place on October 27 at 10:30pm on La Sexta.

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Training Session : 10/16/2014

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holy shit i love them :’)

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Happy 26th Birthday, Mesut Özil! ♡


Happy 26th Birthday, Mesut Özil! ♡

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mesut ozil’s private life is so very much none of our business

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appy birthday to one of the most important man in my life, to the footballer who stole my heart two years ago. I’ve trusted you, I’ve supported you, and loved you with all my heart. I hope you are having an amazing day,and I am sure that you will continue to make us dream, as always. I wish you a radiant future and a wonderful life. You deserve the best. Never forget that we love you no matter what♥

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